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Austin Mahone shirtless

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this is why I love photoshop

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How To Edit Video In Photoshop CC/CS6

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So, under the “read more” there’s a tutorial on how to blend 2 gifs into one, like these: 


(you’ll need basic giffing skills)

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In this tutorial, I'm going to show you how to achieve something like this. (x) This was requested by a lovely anon. I just took one of the manips that I've made that looked like a selfie/personal kind of way for it. So, let's get started. (I used PS CS6, but it doesn't matter which one you...

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In memory of Cory Monteith: As an ambassador for Virgin Unite, Cory Monteith was an outspoken supporter of the fight against youth homelessness and his dedication and advocacy helped raise more than $200,000 for at-risk youth programs in Canada through RE*Generation — a joint initiative of Virgin Unite and Virgin Mobile Canada.

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You and I

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@msleamichele The biggest heart and most beautiful smile.. In all of our hearts.. We love you so. Happy Birthday.

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